Monday, October 25, 2010

Now what?

The last blog i remember was the old blog I had in Highschool. In fact, I had two blogs back at the time. I guess college devours almost everything old about you. Well, not exactly.

Because I miss and I'm back blogging.

I won't be writing the way I used to back in highschool with all that boo boo updates about my life. Not if it is as exciting as how I dreamed it to be, but no my life is as boring as yours so no way now. How I blog in highschool? Dang! Now I think it's preposterous! This ain't a heck of a diary and a diary to be called a diary must be in private and this is in no way, not even thisclose, to being private. I just want random thoughts to be expressed here, and since it's public, comments, insights, and other whatnots are welcomed here.

Oh well. So Imma say hello cyber people! :))Whaddup?

So what now watchamacallit?